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Training Overview

Unlike many occupational safety suppliers - Professional Safety has placed site elevation and selected training at a higher priority than product selection. Workplace injuries are costly and unnecessary. Zero tolerance to injury is the only acceptable answer. In many cases it is more productive for an outside company to visit and assist with possibly many items which have simply been seen as acceptable. Our training options are focused on your specific business budget and time limitation.

Some of our available training options are as follows:

Regulatory Compliance Material

Regulatory Compliance has become an on-going activity in virtually all environments. OSHA is actively citing facilities for not complying with their regulations.

OSHA Compliance Kits

OSHA Compliance Kits provide the materials needed to set up and conduct compliance programs for various OSHA regulations.

Department of Transportation Compliance Kits

DOT Compliance Kits provide the materials needed to comply with the "General Awareness" and "Safety Training" training requirements in the DOT regulations on Handling ∓ Transporting Hazardous Materials.

Regulatory Retraining Kits

All recent OSHA regulations require that employees be "retrained" at least once a year.


For facilities where employees may be exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals.


(Handling Hazardous Materials) For employees who "package, handle, ship, receive or transport" hazardous materials.


For facilities where maintenance "set-up" or repairs are being performed on powered equipment.

Indoor Air Quality

For all environments

Confined Space Entry

For facilities and operations that have Confined Spaces.

Emergency Planning

For all facilities.

OSHA Lead Standards

For general industry and construction environments where lead and lead-based materials are found.

OSHA Laboratory Standard

For laboratories where employees may be exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Bloodborne Pathogens

For facilities and operations where employees may be exposed to HBV (Hepatitis), HIV (AIDS) and other Bloodborne Pathogens.


For facilities and operations where employees may be exposed to Tuberculosis infection.

Asbestos Awareness

For custodial, janitorial, maintenance and other workers who may have contact with Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).

Safety Meeting Material

Today, maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is extremely important. OSHA has become increasingly aggressive in establishing and enforcing safety and health regulations. Employees are much more concerned with their own safety and health on the job. Workers' Compensation and healthcare costs keep growing.

Safety Meeting materials are available on the following topics:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Back Safety
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • Crane Safety
  • Driving Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Eye Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Fire Prevention and Safety
  • First Aid
  • Hand and Power Tool Safety
  • Hand, Wrist ∓ Finger Safety
  • Heat Stress
  • Ladder Safety
  • Machine Guard Safety
  • Materials Handling Safety
  • Office Safety
  • Rigging Safety
  • Safety Audits
  • Safety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention
  • Safety Orientation
  • Safety Showers and Eye Washes
  • Slips, Trips ∓ Falls
  • VDT Safety
  • Welding Safety
  • Wellness ∓ Fitness
  • Winter Safety
  • Workplace Stress
  • Workplace Violence
Videos and Booklets
  • Back Safety
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • Crane Safety
  • Driving Safety

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