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Life Saving First Aid (LSFA) Training

About one-fourth of all deaths in developed industrialized countries during peace-time occur acutely before one's time has come. Such deaths and disabling injuries can be reduced both at the workplace and at home. The National Safety Council has determined that the weakest link in the chain of survival has been care given by the bystander. It is the co-workers who are the first to determine the need for immediate Life-Supporting First Aid (LSFA) at the workplace.

Life-Supporting First-Aid consists of eight simple steps:
1. Survey the scene 
2. If unconscious 
3. If not breathing 
4. If no pulse 
5. If choking
6. If bleeding
7. Minimize shock
8. Call an ambulance

The best way to deal with a medical emergency is to prevent it.

Nevertheless a serious illness or injury can happen anywhere. When a sudden illness or injury occurs, paramedics' intervention may take 20 to 40 minutes.

Professional Safety has co-ventured with ETX (Emergency Training Excellence) to conduct all life-supporting first aid to include CPR/Basic Life Support/And AED Training.

Frank Polifiaco, RN President and Founder of ETX has written numerous training manuals - the latest entitled Emergency First Care.

The 5 five fundamental elements of Emergency First Care are:

1. Understanding why your actions are so important - UNDERSTANDING
2. Have a simple and effective plan to follow - PLAN
3. Believe that you can make a difference - CONFIDENCE
4. Know the indications for when to initiate your plan - COURSE OF ACTION
5. Determine which potentially life-threatening problems can be controlled and the status of essential body systems - KNOWLEDGE.

For a complete package of information concerning on-site life-supporting first-aid, please contact Professional Safety or ETX directly 610-872-7447

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