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Environmental Testing

Professional Safety has coventured with Hygenix Laboratories to best address the needs of our occupational health testing. Colocated within 20 miles we can and have assisted industry in identifying and taking corrective action to meet and surpass OSHA workplace standards.

Hygenix provides a variety of services, encompassing:

  • Asbestos surveys, PCM and PLM testing, project design and monitoring.
  • Lead surveys, XRF testing, project design and monitoring.
  • Industrial hygiene consulting and testing.
  • Indoor air quality surveys.
  • Phase I and Phase II environmental site surveys.
  • In-ground storage tank testing and geotechnical services.

Company Profile

Hygenix was established in 1984 by a group of public professionals responding to the emerging need for practical solutions to increasingly complex environmental, health and safety issues. With many years of experience, our staff is well versed in the complex matrix of federal, state and local regulations pertaining to environmental management. Within New York and the New England states, a network of associates in health and environmental agencies enables us to keep abreast of current regulatory developments.


Hygenix is organized into three technical divisions:

  • Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality.
  • Geotechnical and Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Environmental Laboratory Services

To arrange any testing, please contact Professional Safety at 1-800-272-3008 or you may contact Hygenix at 203-324-3635.

Call us today 1-800-272-3008