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Cost Containment Assessment

Key Issues Facing Companies Today

Many issues drive companies today. For example, rapid technological change means that many products and services are obsolete sooner than ever. As competitors introduce products at a fast pace, individual companies are forced to accelerate research and development cycles. In addition to competition, other key issues that concern managers in the years to come are product quality, productivity and operating costs.


Today, for example, a custom tool company in Muncie, Indiana, is likely to be competing with firms from Germany, Brazil and Korea as it is with firms from Michigan and Ohio. The wide range of firms seeking market share in expanding global markets means companies must produce increasingly higher-quality products at ever lower costs.


Quality has been the clarion call for companies for more than a decade. Those that were able to adapt their products and services to the public's demand for better quality are surviving tough economic times.


Organizations are under pressure to produce more products and offer more services in a shorter amount of time. In a competitive global environment, meeting customers' needs quickly can often determine a company's market share and profitability.

Safety Doesn't Cost It Pays

The push for lower costs has led many companies to reduce the size of their work forces. The employees who remain often must do the same work, but with smaller budgets. The temptation to cut back in critical areas is strong, but safety cannot be allowed to become a victim of short-term thinking. Successful companies know that, like quality, safety doesn't cost, it pays.

Safety pays in two ways. First, eliminating preventable causes of injuries and illnesses can result in fewer disabling injuries, lower workers' compensation costs and lower replacement costs. Second, by eliminating or controlling exposure to hazards through an aggressive safety and health program, senior managers spend less time managing safety and health "crises" and can focus on all parts of operations, including quality, productivity and competitiveness.

Allow us to save your company from costly injuries and increased liability by completing our worksite analysis and starting the cost assessment process.

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